Best powered ride on toys: safe and most fun electric ride ons

Powered ride on toys can be some of the most fun toys toddlers, older kids and teenagers will ever have growing up. These days there are soooo many exciting types of electric ride on toys and I really wish we had some of these when I was a kid!

So what do the best powered ride ons look like and what should you know before you buy one of these toys and become the most loved parent ever? Read on and let’s find out!

Things to consider when buying a powered ride on

Here’s a helpful checklist of what to look for when you’re choosing the right motorized ride on for your child.

Age appropriate, powerful fun

For me, safety ranks high when choosing a powered ride on. While I want my kids to have the best fun possible, it’s important to choose a ride on toy that’s right for their age. This means they have the best chance of handling it well, especially the speed factor.

For a lot of the electric ride on toys, a 6 volt ride on is best suited to toddlers with speeds up to 6 miles per hour. As the battery becomes more powerful, this brings greater speed and responsibility. For example, manufacturers recommend 12 volt ride on toys for pre-schoolers and children up to 8 years of age and 24 volts for older kids who are 9 years or more.

Look out for safety features for an easier ride

Here are some safety features to think about for peace of mind as your kid rides like the wind J

  • How good are the brakes?
  • Are there seat belts in your electric ride on car?
  • Are the tires built for rough terrain?
  • How heavy is your toy, is it easy to tip over and can your child handle this weight?
  • Should they have a helmet?
  • What about padding to protect elbows and knees?

Enforce weight limits to prevent accidents

It’s important to make sure your children don’t exceed the weight limit of a powered ride on. For example, having too many kids on the toy at once puts extra pressure on the toy. This can be dangerous, leading to accidents or the malfunction of your ride on.

What kind of terrain will your kid be riding on?

Think about where your new toy will be used most – grass, cement, flat surfaces, hills, or rough terrain.

  • Can the types handle this terrain?
  • Is the motor powerful enough to get up hills?
  • Does it have suspension for a less rough ride?

How long does the battery last?

Most 6V or 12V battery ride on toys last about 30-40 minutes before you need to recharge them. Will you get to walk around the block with your toddler? How long until your 8 year old is riding with joy in the street again?